Body Scan Meditation Script – Clear Your Body of any Negative Imprints

Step by step meditation script for releasing accumulated stress and emotions from your body in the magical brook.

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I write all of our guided meditations into meditation scripts for you to enjoy them at your own pace and in your own setting. Above you can check the audio version on Youtube of the meditation script called Clear Your Body of any Negative Imprints. and at the end of this post you’ll find instrumental version.

Meditation for Clearing Your Body of any Negative Imprints:

This will be a meditation to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and mind to let go of things that do not serve you anymore.

When you don’t let go of negative impressions, such as someone saying something hurtful or experiencing stressful events, our body will hold it and accumulate it in certain parts.

Now, take a deep breath; breathe into your heart a couple of times until you feel your body and mind are softening and becoming relaxed.

If your thoughts interfere with this meditation, don’t worry; just don’t pay attention to them and come back to my voice.

Today, you will be meditating close to a crystal clear river stream. You don’t see it yet, but you can hear it.

Imagine yourself sitting on a wooden bench. Before you go to the river, look at your miraculous body. Notice if there are parts of it that have accumulated stress in the past from the situations, persons, or actions you have experienced. If it is still there, it was not healed properly. We will work on it later.

Now you hear a woman’s voice singing in the distance. The singing stops and you notice a lady approaching you. It seems like nature dresses her, and just by looking at her you know she lives most of her time outside. She warmly greets you and tells you she is very happy to see you here. This area is her home, and as a gift for your journey down to the river, she gives you a floral wreath she made from daisy flowers and puts it on your head.

She hugs you and disappears in the forest.

You stand up from the bench and start walking to the beginning of the river stream. This is where you hear the most sounds.

Once you see it, you are surprised. It is a small forest brook and its width is around one and a half meters. It is crystal clear and at the bottom there are no sharp stones. The bottom is padded with fresh flowers—some very exotic and some native to this area.

The brook starts on the top of a big rock from where the water is coming down to the bottom. And as soon as the water touches the bottom it becomes silent and gently gurgles.

Entering the stream and you are just wondering if your body will be supported enough. Then you remember the lady from earlier said something about the wooden bed like a boat.

You look behind the rock, and there it is waiting for you. Made from fine bamboo, it allows you to be supported but also gives you a feeling of being in the arms of these healing waters.

You take the bamboo bed, put it on the water, and slowly lie down on it. The water starts to touch your body; it is not too cold or too warm.

As the stream gently takes you further, you are ready to start your journey. You have time to relax and let go of all burdens you have been carrying until now.

As you are lying down in the waters, you close your eyes to enjoy the sensations of water touching your body.

The water feels like the purest crystals have been melted so they can enter you and carry away all the heaviness.

First, you focus on your feet and enjoy the water washing over them. Your feet carry many things, especially your body weight, and walk you on your life path.

Release all the tension to the waters and make a wish to your feet that in the future they will carry you on the path your heart sets the direction for. The water is also washing your ankles, knees, thighs, and your hands.

So many movements, all that getting up and down that these legs and hands have had to do without receiving anything back. Be thankful you have them, and let all the stress evaporate from these areas.

Now you feel the waters around your buttocks. This area gets tight from extended periods of sitting, so make sure to release the tension.

The water starts to pour and move around your lower body parts, where major information about your passions and sexuality are stored. It is very important to cleanse these areas, so all your passions can flow freely. Every part of your body is equally important. Oftentimes, we over-focus and sexualize these parts, which distorts our awareness about them.

The spirit of the brook brings you a beautiful lotus flower from its padded bottom, bringing the healing, gentleness, and beauty these gentle and passionate areas need right now.

Now you notice water accumulating around your belly region. Your belly hides all the important digestive organs, extracts nutrients to keep you going, and also stores the fire to execute important tasks in your life. When this area is healthy and strong, you have the power to follow your purpose.

This part can be easily stressed. The digestive system is very delicate because it not only processes food but also your emotions. Whenever you have not processed challenging events in life, your organs remember it.
The brook’s intelligence brings about another flower that can bring additional healing to this area.

You open your eyes and see a big sunflower approaching you and resting on your belly area.

The sunflower is full of sun rays it has absorbed throughout its growing time. Now it brings you the energy of the sun to illuminate and release everything you don’t need to be happy and fulfilled.

Now we are moving further up, where your heart resides. This is the place where your soul resides, along with all the universal intelligence connecting us. Having this area open means you can go beyond the material and realize where your home is.

And the brook has another flower for you.

It brings a wide open and fragrant pink rose.

You smell this wonderful perfume of nature.  You won’t be able to smell this perfume if the rose would be only half open. Similarly you need to open to give and receive what you truly have and deserve. The rose gently opens your heart area, reminding you that all is well and your path is there for you. Whatever you have been carrying in this area, you can just let it go.

This cruise in the river has been a real treat for you, and now you don’t even feel the bamboo bed below you. Sun rays touch you from time to time, depending on whether you are moving under a tree or not. You open your eyes to see a beautiful baby blue sky as the water touches your neck area; this is a visual reminder of how clear you want to be when you express and communicate your desires. Being clear on what you want clears everything.

The waters continue to gently clean your scalp, forehead, and hair.

Through your hair, you are absorbing all the nutrients and information for the time when you need will  it.

On the top of your head, the brook sends a beautiful sun ray that enters your head and illuminates the rest of your body, changing the direction from the top down to your neck and belly and all the way to your feet and then back to the stream. This is the flow of life.

You hear a familiar voice; it is the lady from earlier. She says you are approaching the end of the stream. You slowly put your legs down to stop and come down from the bamboo bed. You walk to the lady and thank her for the opportunity to experience her magical brook.

You walk like you are on air, but you are strong as earth and you still hear water gurgling in your blood.

Finally, you look around, thank this beautiful place, take a deep breath, and come back to your body here and now.

Know you can always come back whenever you feel like it is a time for a fresh start in this lifetime.

Sending you lots of love and blessings.

Please note, that the lyrics is only for private purposes and all the meditation scripts are property of the Blooming Hearts. If you’d like to use it in group settings or publicly, please contact us here.

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