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Dear blooming heart,

I’ve created this concept of The Blooming Hearts for the hearts on a journey to discover a space within yourself where true happiness and unity is all that exists. It is my heart, your heart, and everyone’s heart who is willing to look within. A place where all wishes come true and all healing is possible.

Truly opening your heart takes strength and honesty with yourself. Changing directions in life can be difficult; however, once you can dwell comfortably within your own heart, you will never have to look elsewhere to find home. The heart I am talking about is not a physical space; rather, it is a realm that connects us with every being in the universe.


With the Blooming Hearts Meditations, my goal is to help you evolve into the individual of your dreams. You will feel the immensity of your own being and connectedness to everything around you. Feeling the light of a thousand suns blazing within your body – this is my wish for you.


How did I get started recording meditations?

My healing journey took place when I was 17. I began by switching to all-natural cosmetics and quickly moved to eating a healthier diet when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Back then, I believed that choosing healthier things would make me healthy on all levels.


While my physical body became healthier, I still felt a restlessness originating from my mind and my emotions. I could see my destructive thought patterns pointing to the need for healing. So, I embarked upon my spiritual healing and for the past 7 years, I have been meditating nearly every day. By meditating, I don’t mean sitting and staring at a tree incessantly, trying to be peaceful. I think many dismiss the idea of meditating by assuming you need to be still for long periods of time. Sure, it’s wonderful if you can accomplish this right away, but this peace can be built over time. I started with guided meditations and after a while, my mind quieted down so I can finally stare at the tree if I want to (…but not for too long :-).

Meditation is a state where you dwell in your heart.

It is the beautiful experience of emptying your mind, which allows you to feel the fullness in your heart and connects you to everything around you. Through the practice of meditation, you will be better able to approach life in a loving and healthy way, free of unnecessary attachments. Trust me – you don’t want to miss this experience in your life. With my cousin Dorien, we would like to help you achieve a state of balance and harmony, so you can accomplish all that your heart desires. 

If you feel invited, you can close your eyes and listen. I will meet you there.

Also, I offer one-on-one guided meditation sessions as well as group sessions.

About Dorien May

Dorien May The Blooming Hearts ProfileI perceive music as something that opens the gates to various dimensions, and thanks to that, I am able to see things through different lenses. It is one of a kind experience that connects me with the different kinds of energies that are unobtainable through other means.

While listening and creating the music, I don’t focus solely on tones and sounds, but rather on waves and motions that allow me to notice the space where I exist as a being. This helps me to improve the way I think in my daily life, and when I am not in touch with music for longer periods, I feel like I miss it, and my spirit withers.

When I was a kid, I used to like sounds of all kinds.

I remember, before going to sleep, how I would pause to listen to all the different sounds in the air. I used to have my ears glued to the speaker on my first radio so that I could better recognize all the different noises. Playing music trains the brain for challenging life’s equations making me a good candidate for software engineering, which is my current job.

In my teenage years, music was very important for me.

It allowed me to express exactly what I felt and helped me to find a safe place to hide when I needed it the most. This made me feel like I was not the only one feeling that way and that I was actually connected to others through music. I started by playing the piano and later wanting to explore more of a variety of sounds, so I started to record sounds to the computer in order to create my very first composition.

In creating the music for The Blooming Hearts’ meditations, I feel like I can realize a big part of my potential. When working with the band, for instance, the music is more energetic and you have to focus more on the instruments in the song itself than just on music and sounds. However, here, I have the opportunity to create a whole new world where you can dive straight into it. Thanks to the music, you can create your own images and turn your imagination on. Music is an easy way for me to give joy to people and, in return, I receive more energy to invest again in the music.

I hope these meditations will bring you joy and the expansion you have always dreamed of.

Check out my website and listen to the music I love to create. Also feel free to contact me if you’d like to cooperate.

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