Terms and Conditions

This website operates under the commercial name The Blooming Hearts and is registered under name Petra Zikmundova, Devin 4351, Bratislava, Slovakia with registered identification number: 45 477 175 in Trade Lisencing Office in Slovakia.

You can contact us through our contact form or sending an email to petra@thebloominghearts.org.

1. Intellectual Property

The brand The Blooming Hearts and all the contents shown in this website and shared on social media belong to the registered name above and are protected by the correspondent laws. Any reproduction, distribution, manipulation or commercial use of any of the materials such as audio, graphics, images, text, icons, trade marks and names is forbidden.

Any bad use or incursion of functions of the website will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Slovak law.

1.1 Social Media

Customers and visitors sharing any social media content produced by the company on its social media accounts and platforms (Instagram, Facebook) must ensure to include the correct credits and property of images. Company and collaborative artists must be credited at anytime.

2. Use of This Site

Through the use of the web site www.thebloominghearts.org the customer agrees to:

A. Use the site exclusively for information purposes and placing orders legally valid. Any order placed with fraudulent, false or not accurate information will be cancelled.

B. Providing accurate and truthful personal data necessary to processing of the order. Any order placed with false or not accurate personal information won’t be processed and will be cancelled.

C. In the event of suspicion of fraud, misuse of the site and copyright violation, The Blooming Hearts may hand over personal data to the appropriate authorities.

3. Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we inform our customers that the personal data requested at the shopping process through the site www.thebloominghearts.org is needed only in order to perform our contractual obligations and being able to deliver the correct service.

Customer is fully responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the information uploaded, shared with or sent to the site.

Customer consents storage and use of personal data provided when placing an order and when using the website www.thebloominghearts.org with the only purposes of improving the shopping experience and providing correct service.

We do not store any Credit Card, International Bank Transfer or PayPal details. Any other personal details you provide during the shopping process, such as email address, may be used to inform you about your order or any other issues that are directly affecting your purpose of shopping with us.

Any personal data provided when placing an order will only be used for full filling your order. We won’t use any personal information for commercial or promotion communications unless your prior explicit consent by subscribing to our Newsletter service (section 4).

Any personal data provided by customer when placing an order or using the site is confidential and will be solely used for the purposes above mentioned.

3.1 Third Party data.

The Blooming Hearts does not sell or rent customer’s personal data to any other entity.

3.2 Google Analytics.

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that helps us understand how visitors engage with our website. We use this information with the only purpose of improving our web page and user experience. Google Analytics uses your IP providing us information such as your location and shop navigation activity.

Google Analytics does not show us any other personal information but your location and web shop activity. This information is aggregated and anonymized so that we cannot access personal information such as IP addresses.

We may use this anonymized data for our internal marketing and demographic studies to analyze, profile and monitor customer patterns in order to be able to improve our products, services and customer shopping experience.

By accepting our Terms & Conditions, you have confirmed that you have read and understood the content of this privacy policy, and that you, as applicable, consent The Blooming Hearts (Petra Zikmundova) to process your provided personal data in accordance with the provisions herein.

You have the right to request inspection, modification or removal of your personal data from our servers, please contact us at petra@thebloomingheart.org.

4. Newsletter and Cookies

Newsletter is only delivered by customer explicit prior consent. By introducing your email in the fill-out box created for this purpose you subscribe to our email list and consent us to use your provided email address to send you our news and our promotion communications.

If you do not wish to receive more Newsletter emails from us you can unsubscribe at anytime. Each newsletter contains a link through which it is possible to unsubscribe. You can also contact us via email at petra@thebloominghearts.org.

We use cookies. A cookie saves certain information during your visit to our website such as traffic information and visit duration. Only the data which is transferred automatically when using our Website is saved due to technical reasons. We use this data with the only purpose of improving our website and your future experiences with us.

By using our website you consent the use of cookies for the purposes described above. You can object the use of cookies at any moment by changing your browser settings. No use of cookies can affect the quality of the service.

5. Prices and Payments

All prices in this web site are shown in Euros (€) and include the correspondent taxes if apply.

In the event of a web site price error when placing an order, we will contact the customer through the provided email address and in order to inform of this error. Customer will be able to confirm and continue the purchase of the product at its correct price or to cancel the order and being reimbursed for the total amount paid.

The Blooming Hearts reserves the right to modify any prices in this web site at any time.

5.1 Payment methods.

We accept payments only via PayPal. Customer must be aware of the following:

  • Customer can proceed to payment via PayPal with all major Bank Cards. PayPal ensures your payment details are protected.

Due to exchange rates a variation of price may occur when converting prices to a different currency. We do not take any responsibility for any extra charges or bank fees your bank or PayPal may apply.

You will receive a confirmation email from us once your order has been accepted within the following 24h-48h from receiving the payment.

6. Shipping

At the moment, all of our products are available online and therefore no shipping costs apply.

7. Returns

We accept returns for all online courses you bought within 15 days after the purchase. No questions asked.

In the event of faulty product please contact us during the next 48h from receiving the product at petra@thebloominghearts.org with the subject ‘FAULTY’ indicating the problem and your order number.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 

The site www.thebloominghearts.org operates under and is subject to the Slovak law.

Any dispute arising out or in connection with the General Terms and Conditions above-mentioned, the agreement or any other legal issues that may occur will be resolved by the Slovak law and its competent court.

9. The Website Disclaimer

The purpose of all the content from The Blooming Hearts is solely for entertainment purposes. None of this content should be regarded as medical advice. Always consult a qualified professional regarding your health. The authors accept no responsibility for any injury, damage or loss in any way related to the content of this website, meditations or any other content that The Blooming Hearts presents. We believe your health is your responsibility. Also, we are unable to provide any explanations about the content nor we are able to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. While you are listening to these meditations or any of our recordings, please make sure that it is safe for you to fall asleep. Completely avoid listening to any of our materials while driving or performing any other activity that requires your attention.

10. Our Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice is considered part of this Agreement and is available on this website. You must review our Privacy Notice by clicking on this link. If you do not accept and agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement, including thebloominghearts.org Privacy Notice, do not use this Website or our Services


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with these FREE 10 Tips

By entering your info, you’ll become signed in my newsletter — with FREE access to exclusive angel insights delivered with 🤍 to your inbox. (Unsub anytime in a click.)