Affirmations for Forgiveness in Relationships (Script)

Forgiveness is very important in our relationships. Enjoy these affirmation as an invitation to forgive.

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Hello beautiful soul, today we will let the forgiveness to truly sink in to you. Today you can become the forgiveness itself. Forgiveness can feel like a total relieve  from everything you had worried about in the past or might worry about in the future. It shreds it all the misconceptions of the mind and ego. Forgiveness leaves you naked in the midst of presence naturally leaving the feeling of peace of joy, love fill you being. It does sound amazing doesn’t it?


Let me take you on a journey somewhere where all forgivness is possible. This place is in your heart.


Somewhere in the corner of our heart we can always tell whether we truly forgave or did it partially or not at all. The true forgiveness sometimes happens over time not because the time makes us forgive more but the repetition and looking at the issue we had from different angles has the ability to do it. There is an unlimited amount of options and possibilities laying ahead of us, once we forgive. So why to hold to something did not go as we wanted to? Today, I’d like to focus with you on the forgiving affirmations that we  might need especially in our relationships. Relationships are dynamic by nature and misunderstandings are part of them.  Today we can focus on your present romantic relationship, or the one from the past, or one with your family member of friend. Sometimes we can have intense feelings towards people who are not even close to us. Forgiveness is a beautiful gift that our magical heart and soul posses. 

Truly anything can be forgiven.

Well, your mind may protest right now, but let me tell you if we truly wished to restore peace and love in this world then we need to do it in our hearts and our minds. This is not about making something hurtful acceptable. It is about freeing ourselves from something that we should be over by now, restoring that untouched feeling of innocence and joy that will return to us when we forgive.

If you feel like you’ve been challenged to be able to fully forgive you can try practicing these affirmations and before you do that try to find yourself an environment where you feel peaceful.

Take a few deep breaths. The first breath, goes to your lower belly and exhale. The second breath goes to your upper belly, just above the belly button. The third breath goes to your heart sparking the most beautiful sparkle of all. The fourth goes to your throat releasing the unspoken words and the last one goes to your head area where it softens all your neuron connections.


When I mention the word YOU, you can imagine the person you need to forgive the most. I recommend focusing at one person at time, maybe the one that comes to your mind first.


I forgive myself for being afraid of things I haven’t had the opportunity to heal before our relationship.


I forgive myself for reactions that were based on my fear.


I forgive myself for the lack of communication.


I forgive you for not knowing better.


I forgive you your fears.


I forgive myself my expectations on how you should be and how you should behave towards me.


I forgive myself for not having enough healthy boundaries with you.


I forgive myself for agreeing to things I did not feel were the most right for me at that moment.


I forgive myself for seeing in you something you were not.


I forgive myself for not accepting the 100 percent you.


I forgive myself for not being able to hold space for you as you were.


I forgive you for not seeing my true self and my highest potential.


Today I know that I am perfect as I am an you are perfect as you are.


I allow you to be the way you are and I allow myself to be the way I am.


My power and my love show in my ability to forgive and to set us free.


Love just lies in affection it also lies in forgiveness.


I forgive you for not seeing the world I see it and I forgive myself for ever expecting that from you.


I love myself and I love you the way you are.


The situation was not the way I wanted to be, maybe it was not the way you wanted to be but it was the way it was and that is perfect.


I allow you to be the way you are because often only thing I wish from people was to allow me to be the way I want to be.


Therefore, I see the highest path and truth in forgiveness.


Forgiveness is a miracle. It is the capacity our soul has been carrying to be able to create a truly beautiful world. I do this practice because I love myself and because I love the world.


May forgiveness heal and set me free from all the wounds I still carry in my heart.


I forgive the world.


Now you can gently whisper to your heart: Thank you, beautiful heart for doing thing this with me.


And take a deep long nurturing breath and slowly come back to your wonderful body.


With each movement you feel on your scalp, you feel all the thoughts are just are disappearing and the space in between them becomes larger as you just purely focus on the sensations you feel. You are so comforted.

After a while it is a time to walk out of the pool and the fairies invite you under a special flower arch that evaporates a softening mist that smells like 1000 flowers and you walk under it. Your body receives instant moisture and nutrients through these fragrant vapors. Lastly the fairies bring you a beautiful ceramic glass that carries nectars of the flowers they harvested together with honey and almond milk they made just for you. When you drink it instantly calms your digestions and healing that continues to work for you while you sleep. All this comforting care the fairies transport you back into your bed. All the comfort joy and care they brought back to your wonderful bed. They silently tell you to that you can safely sleep and they will continues playing their fairy music until you completely transport yourself into the dreamworld again.






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