How to Manifest from the Heart – Missing Steps

Learn how to truly manifest from your heart and why is it important to be connected to your heart before you start the manifestation process.

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“Manifest Your Hearts Deepest Desires” was one of our first meditations I wrote and so far, the most seen one. The process of manifestation has been spelled out a lot these days. There are a few steps or better said states of mind that are required for an individual to achieve their manifestation goals. In this article, I would like to show you my point of view on the manifestation process and what we often omit without realizing it.

Over the years, I noticed that sometimes I am able to manifest things really quickly and sometimes it takes time, a long time to be more precise. I’ve seen these patterns with others around me as well. Let’s talk about a few possibly missing steps to your manifestation process and explore why is it not working for you and what does it take to manifest your heart’s deepest desires and dreams.

Missing Steps


Techniques for manifestation usually advice to “Act As If” you already have what you want or, positively affirm your reality which should help you to become vibrational match for what you are desiring. I think these are great corner steps to truly manifest, however I found that if we are just acting and repeating positive words in our normal waking state without opening our subconsciousness, then we are affecting only a small part of our being.

Another aspect I am proposing to you to truly manifest your desires is to fully experience the state of how it would be and how it would feel when we already have what we desire. To include our subconscious mind into the experience you might benefit greatly doing this process while meditating and visualizing.

If you would need a help to create an atmosphere where you can truly relax and open yourself to all the potential in the universe, you can try our Manifestation meditation: „Manifest Your Heart’s Deepest Desires“.

Truly feeling emotions especially of joy, love and contentment can be a big game changer in your manifestation process.

And remember: Where we have peace that is where we manifest.

Peaceful mind does not create any frictions and thanks to its alignment with the flow of life the process of manifestation can direct us towards our dreams faster. Peaceful mind also knows that everything we truly desire is already ours, just because we are connected to everything and everyone around us therefore missing something is an illusion.

Going Deeper into the Manifestation Process


When you go through the experience of how it would feel to have what you are desiring, then secondly, I’d advice to go even deeper and understand that you can already feel the way you want to feel now. This takes practice and time and at one point we might even change the way we perceive the reality to a point when we feel like we already have what we want.

Last year, I bought a small cottage close to the forest. The reconstruction process has been taking quite a while and more the process continued more it revealed issues I needed to handle including administration processes required to be able to finalize the reconstruction. It felt overwhelming at first, but then I told myself that in truth the place is already here for me. And all the worries and anxiety went away. Every time I go there to check the construction process, I feel the magic of the place and I know it is already there for me, so I choose to focus on the joys the process brings. For instance, now I get to live with my close friend in the city and together we enjoy what city life offers. Obviously, I am not a big city person, since I bought a cottage but I know this phase will pass, so why not to enjoy it to the fullest?

Being able to live the emotion of our desires makes us more sensitive to all the beauty the process offers and we no longer dependent on the outcome.

That to me is the true power of manifestation.


What do we really desire?


Deep down we may feel that whatever we manifest is temporary and in truth we crave unconditional love and expansion that can never be taken from us. We desire things because we might want to approach the feelings of unconditionality and expansion through tangible things like a soulmate, dream job, new house or healing or body needs.

During our spiritual process, when we are able to feel more and more the expansion and potential we have within, in a the way all of the desires fall apart. I am saying in a way, because there is a reason why we come to this Earth and we are meant to achieve and manifest our Earthy desires.  We will feel what we need to accomplish on this life journey, but there will be a certain detachment and a level of contentment none can take away from us.

Once we realize it is very liberating, because all we might ever need we already have and that is the feeling of belonging to everything around us. We are the magic that is everywhere in the universe.


Why manifestation process is working only sometimes?

You may wonder – I’ve done everything right but I am not manifesting. Or I manifest only the small things in my life. What we call small things are things where we do not have many emotional blockages and wounds and therefore, we might experience manifestation faster. Some „serious“ life desires such as a life partner can take much longer, not because the manifestation is not working. It is, but it cannot just jump over barriers we did not heal. But you can be sure that the barriers will show up to you and you have the power to release and heal them to move towards manifesting your dream.

I hope this article will help you to truly manifest what you truly desire and may the Earth be the magical heaven for you.

Check our podcast on manifestation with a powerful guided meditation.

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