Grounding Meditation Script – Connect With Mother Earth

Enjoy this grounding script for your own personal meditation. You will experience connection and gratitude towards Mother Earth.

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Dear friend, I write all of our guided meditations into meditation scripts for you to enjoy them at your own pace or a setting.

In this post you’ll find script of grounding meditation called: “Connect With Mother Earth”.

Below, you can find its audio version on Youtube.

Meditation for Connecting with Mother Earth

Welcome beautiful soul, my name is Petra and I will be guiding you today on how to reinforce the connection with Mother Earth to bring back balance and stability to your physical body and to feel gratitude for the Mother of all mothers.

Thank you for finding the time to do something for yourself and coming back to your true home.

Now, find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

Sit down with your back straight, so you can feel the nurturing earthy support just below your spine.  You can keep your legs crossed or uncrossed whatever feels more comfortable for you.

And we will begin …

take a deep long breath …

and send all the stress that has been accumulated in your body down through your body all the way to the Earth.

What are you sitting on is not a chair, neither a bed nor a floor, you are sitting on a planet. This planet is offering  you much more  than just a place to sit.

Imagine how is our planet spinning in the universe, carrying water, earth, air, trees, animals and human beings …

Mother Earth is a living being just like you and me – a nurturing planet that was created to support and nourish our lives in so many ways that it is hard to imagine. She provides everything that we can ever ask for to create a life we’ve always dreamed of.

Earth is constantly giving in every season and in every place.

Surely there was a time in your life when we wished for something different to have on this planet and the Earth did not provide it and that is okay. Maybe it was more sunny days or in some places more rain or fresh mangoes and strawberries all year long.

Keeping the balance has 2 sides and mother Earth knows it.

Just look at it closely, the Earth is always giving and she has to give in balance and in order to achieve balance.

Because the Earth exists in physical realms after light, dark has to come. Earth also needs to rest and take her time to be able to give again, in her full potential. Just as we need to sleep and rest to go out into the world and do our best.

There is no place on the Earth that does not offer anything.  Even if you go to the coldest place on Earth full of ice all year long, by paying closer attention you will see a micro-world of bacteria adjusted to the living in cold temperatures and they live in harmony.

We are nurtured from a place of constant giving, our home. Even though we don’t have a physical root like a tree does, we are firmly planted all the time.

Being aware of this is very important, because knowing where your body is coming from, where it is nurtured from, open you up to more support.

What you focus on grows.

We are not talking only about balancing the body.

Consciously connecting to the Earth brings so much support and balance into your body, mind, and soul.

Felling more supported in life means feeling less fear because lots of our fears are coming from the feeling of separateness from the place we belong to.

The feeling of belonging to our home helps us to follow our true calling and purpose.

All the misunderstanding and damage being done in this world is coming from the feeling of isolation, but in truth, you are never alone and we are all one rooted in the Earth.

Now, I’d like you to imagine you are standing on the beach. The most beautiful beach you can imagine. Slowly, you start walking over the warm sand, breathing salty air into your body.  As you are walking for a while you notice a blue container in front of you. You look inside and you see thousands of fresh rose petals. They are all red. You are wondering what to do with them and in the meantime, you don’t want them to stay in the container for too long.

So you decide to spread them all over the ocean. You start picking them up one by one and putting them over the water. Slowly, you start adding more and more, hundreds at a time, thousands until the very last petal. You look in front of you and it looks like the ocean has become one big rose. It is so beautiful. You keep watching this big rose.

You observe how waves take them further and further away from you… until you see a small red spot far in the horizon.

They have been all carried away.

When you plant a seed, think a thought, make an action it will never stay in one place. Nothing you do, think or act upon, is too small to change this world for the better. As you are sitting, bring your awareness to the bottom of your spine. Imagine you are a young tree that was just planted into a wet and nourishing soil.

And naturally you start growing your roots. Growing deeper and deeper. It feels safe and comforting.

Stay there for a while and enjoy this feeling of being home.

Just like you, Mother Earth reacts to loving thoughts and as every mother wishes, you think of her from time to time. Now with your roots in Mother Earth, it is time to say thank you and feel the appreciation for her. You may feel like you want to bow down and kiss her.

Take your time and do what you feel like doing.

Now you can slowly put awareness back in to your body and grow your roots back.

Today can be the first day for all of us as we say together thank you for supporting us from the moment we were born into this world. Thank you.

Sending you lots of love from Mother Earth and myself too.

Check also the instrumental version of this meditation, below:

Please note, that the lyrics is only for private purposes and all the meditation scripts are property of the Blooming Hearts. If you’d like to use it in group settings or publicly, please contact us here.

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