Guided Meditation Script for Anxiety – Fly with the White Swan

Anxiety can be paralysing, but not when you are invited to fly with the White Swan. Let her show you a different perspective.

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Enjoy this anxiety relieving script for your own personal meditation practice. You will experience lightness and higher perspective on all your personal problems.  If you’d like to try audio version too, you will find it just above and at the very end of this post you will find instrumental version with no words.
Flying with White Swan Meditation

Welcome, beautiful soul, my name is Petra Zikmund and today I will be guiding you through what is possibly your first flying meditation.

Everyone, at least once in their life, wants to experience flying to see things from a higher perspective or just fly away from everyday life’s ups and downs. Fly away from things that are weighing heavy on us. The activity of flying carries lightness in its core. It lightens our body and spirit and such spirit becomes worry-free.

Lay down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and breathe deeply. Imagine a beautiful feather, unusually big and white with shimmering crystals in the middle.

The feather starts to move in the air and touches your feet. As soon as it touches them, your feet are slowly losing their heaviness and turn into more of a transparent color. The feather goes up your right leg, gently brushing the surface of your skin. It does not feel ticklish, it feels more like a relief of any heaviness you have been carrying – an instant transformation of your body to a pure light.

Now the feather goes up your right leg, being gentle and playful with this part of your body. Both your legs are weightless now.

The feather moves to your belly region and hip area, helping you to relax and feel at ease.

As it touches you on your hands, you also start to feel a light, warm breeze around you. Now the feather touches your neck, cheeks and your head. Your to-do list just evaporates from your mind as the feather softly touches your head and cleans your mind.

You feel relaxed. Your body is rested and well. It makes you realize that your body is not who you are. It is a wonderful vehicle in this world to fulfill all your needs and desires and allows you to experience them with your senses, but it is not you. And today, you also want to fly light.

Imagine yourself on a shore of the lake. You are not looking at the lake, you are looking at a beautiful and majestic white swan. As she elegantly slides in the lake, she gets closer to you. She walks out of the lake towards you and when she looks at you, you know she is trying to teach you something.

She softly starts to open her wings. As she does so, she turns your arms into beautiful swan-like wings. You start imitating her movements, moving your new wings up and down. Your movements become more intense and, suddenly, with your wings moving down, you are being lifted from the ground.

You repeat it again and again, rising to the sky with the swan before you. The flying is becoming natural to you and now you don’t have to pay any attention to the movement of your wings.

You are flying away from the lake and you notice your tiny reflection on the surface of the water. You turn your attention to the swan again and continue to follow her through the misty sky.

As you are flying, the mist is evaporating and the landscape below you has changed. You are approaching a town, this is the town you live in.

You are curious about how your house looks from above. Recognizing parts of your town, you decide to have a look at your home. The air is gently brushing your body, whispering secret sounds in your ears. You are approaching your home. 

It is a blessing to have a place you call home. 

You recognize some people around your house, maybe neighbours, members of your family or some friends that are looking for you.

As you fly, the swan shows you how to make spirals and then you play together and you enjoy yourself a lot.

Flying is also about freeing yourself, being able to just go where you have always wanted to go without any preparation or booking a ticket. 

You can just fly above forests and rivers.

The air is colder than down on the Earth. You pass through clouds. No matter how your body or home feels physically, your soul can be anywhere you wish for it to be.

As you are finishing the visit of your favorite spot, the swan wants to take you to the very last place. It is hard to see where you are heading through all these clouds. You are flying for quite a while and it seems like you are going to an island. It is one of those tiny islands where you can easily walk from one end to another. As you fly closer, you see hundreds of swans, some are floating on a small lake located just in the middle of the island, many are just landing and others calmly walking around.

This seems like a swan island because you don’t see any other animal. They are all walking towards a massive rock with sculpted stairs on the side. You follow them up the stairs until you reach the highest place on the island with a beautiful view of the sea. The swans want to give you a gift. Something very precious. Each swan contributed to this gift of yours and gave a part of themselves; the most beautiful feather they own. They are glittering like the fresh snow on the sun. 

You feel so grateful and thank them from your heart.

They tell you that these wings are from now on yours and you can use them whenever you feel like it. You can just think about these wings and they will be given to you so you can rise above the Earth to the skies and fly to feel free again and understand that any obstacle you are facing down there will go away.

Now it is time to go back to your physical body. You say bye to all these swans, then you put on your new wings and fly up back to your home.

Inhale deeply and gently move your fingers over your feet and hands.


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