Being powerful is being yourself! Use these confidence and self-esteem building affirmations to rise above all the power issues you've ever had.

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Being powerful is being yourself in this world. having confidence and power means knowing what you do and do not want and acknowledging these preferences to the world. We can only get a reaction or outcome by vocalizing and acting upon our wishes. Through our own power, we align the reaction to the outcome we desire. 


Being powerful doesn’t mean disregarding others’ wants and needs; rather, we harness our power as a guide, leading us to those who align with our desires and what we want to bring into this world. The first step into our power is usually the most trepidatious, and it may take a long time to get there. But once the first step is taken, doors will continuously open for us; and as we tread this path towards our true power, it only becomes more stable and natural for us – until there is no way back (fortunately!).


We all have inner power. Examine your life in depth – you made it all the way here. Your presence is a testament to how many times you did not give up, but instead rose above your problems. Life is not always easy.


However, we are destined to be powerful. Our power manifests through how we feel and

 what we create in this world.


If life has gotten a bit heavy and you need to reaffirm your true power, you are in the right place.


Close your eyes and we can start the words of affirmations, now:


Thanks to your intention to be more powerful, the air around you feels instantly thicker. You notice that its smell has changed, now reminding you of freshly burnt wood.


I invite you to put your hands slightly above your belly button, which is the location of our power. Breathe in deeply and then exhale through your power center. The fresh smoky air comes out from above your hands, smoking out all the obstacles that have been preventing you from claiming your power. Let’s take a moment before we start with the affirmations to observe and release anything that seemed to have power over us. If we do not feel powerful, it is because we feel the power of something else over us. Which is a false truth, because only we can decide how to both act and react throughout our life. Inhale and exhale, feeling the air becoming denser as it carries blockages away from your power center. Inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Until everything you do not need evaporates.


I am powerful.


No matter how disempowering the situation seems to be, my power is still with me. I reclaim my power.

I was destined to be powerful. My true nature is one of power. I decide what I want.

All of my decisions are made through my inner self, which is in touch with my soul, the part of me that only wants wellbeing and fulfillment of my purpose here on earth.

I am grateful for my power. The more powerful I become, the easier it is for me to see what I truly want.


The more powerful I become, the more I attract people and circumstances that help me on my highest path towards peace, wellbeing and joy. My power has been with me and will be with me now and always. I release every obstacle to my power. My power is my nature; by nature, I am powerful. My power is not determined by any human measurement; it is my inner strength and how I choose to feel about myself. Coming back to my power is my destiny. In my power, I know we are all connected; because of this, I can never truly harm anyone with my power.


I am powerful


I walk on the path of power even when no one else seems to follow or approve.


My power runs through my body, waking up every cell. My power gives me energy. In my power, I know when to act and when to rest. In my power, I see through any apparent obstacle in every situation. My power spurs my wellbeing.


My power helps me make decisions to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.


My power is mine alone and no one else’s. My power is here for just me. I only share my power if I decide to. Being powerful is the state of being I choose for myself every day.


I am incredibly powerful.


To honor yourself and your power you can finally affirm


I am infinitely powerful, now and always. Slowly, The air starts to clear around you, radiating with your power.


Inhale and feel the air in your power center again. As you exhale, feel how the air travels all the way to your feet and into the earth.


We just grounded your power in your body here and now, so it will not remain only in our minds.Now your power center shines like thousand Suns.

YOU are powerful.  Thank you for affirming this truth.


With another breath, you can open your eyes and welcome your powerful self.



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